Monday, January 7, 2008

Sarah's Visiting!

(Sarah here) I am thrilled to be coming to visit on the 26th and I am counting the days till I get to come (only 18 left). I can't say I am really missing the inventory count today, but the counting crew is in my thoughts. Jennie, I promise to count to 5,000 today. That should cover at least one rack of paper -- right?

The kids are all doing well, and Christmas was a blast with a bunch of rugrats keeping the paper flying. All 4 got presents this year, but Will is the only one who noticed. The triplets were so happy to throw pretty wrapping at each other. Jennie tell me its been cold there in Kansas, but today I think I could be comfortable outside in a t-shirt and shorts. The weather is nice, but mostly I love being close to family here -- both my Mom and Allen's Mom were here this week helping me with the kids.

I miss the you all so much, but the move has been good for our family. I don't feel completely separated from the shop since Jennie and I talk often and mail samples and products back and forth. I can't wait to see everyone when I come in a few weeks. The crop will be filled with exciting games, and we have three great classes that weekend, too. (I am excited to check out the "Book of ME" class series that is in the works!) If you can't take one of my classes, come by and say "Hi!". . . I mean "Howdy!"


Deborah Swearingen said...

Sarah-Great to hear you had a wonderful (Christ)mas with your family. We had a great time with our new Grandson-Brenden Michael Seers Swearingen-Born 9-12-07. He just loved the paper and was really into eating it! We made a large pile in the middle of the living room and then laid him in the middle of the paper-Really Cuteeeeee photo's. Can't wait to scrap book them-just need to find the time!!!
Hope to see you on your vist and we miss you at the store-Jeannie and staff do a great job in your absence.
Great to hear from you!!!!!!!